Running Warlords under Virtual PC

Running Warlords under Virtual PC

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Warlords has to be one of my all time favorite games.  I spent many late nights playing this game against my cousins and friends.  This is a fantastic turn based strategy game, where you start out with a single castle and a hero - with aims to conquer the entire world.  This game went on to launch an entire series - however the original one was highly addictive, despite having several limitations (like only having one world map to play on, with fixed races and cities). 

Running Warlords under Virtual PC poses one small problem; which is that this game attempts to use the PC speaker to play 'sound effects'.  It tries to do this by playing a very rapid succession of incredibly short beeps.  On real hardware this does result in realistic battle sounds but Virtual PC is unable to provide the PC Speaker granularity required.  As a result, instead of sound effects you will hear an elongated series of odd PC speaker beeps.  To get around this problem you need to turn the sound off by starting Warlords with the '/s' command line option:

Warlords under Virtual PC   Warlords under Virtual PC   Warlords under Virtual PC   Warlords under Virtual PC


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  • Heh, I wrote a util to play WAVs using PC-speaker under DOS. Worked quite well, though I never had much use for it. I also remember that Pinball Fantasies had decent PC-Speaker sound.
  • PC Guy:

    I am playing Warlords III (DL) *right now*, and decided to do a quick search for virtual server software so that I can play and surf simultaneously..
    Your site was the *FIFTH* google result, and I didn't even use warlords as a search term!!!

    Just thought I'd mention the coincidence.
    great site btw
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