Warlords II under Virtual PC 2004

Warlords II under Virtual PC 2004

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In my opinion - Warlords II is probably one of the greatest turn based warfare strategy games of all time.  Warlords II took the Warlords I concepts and extended them in many significant ways.  Warlords II saw the introduction of:

  • Randomly generated maps
  • 'Fog of War'
  • Random turns
  • Computer player personalities
  • Diplomacy

And many other cool features.  My favorite improvement in Warlords II was that the 'Hero' units became valuable armies.  In Warlords - Heros' were just glorified infantry men, but in Warlords II - Hero's have the ability to undertake quests, gather powerful relics and lead armies.

Warlords II does run under Virtual PC - but it will not run if you enable sound effects or speech (music works fine though).  And while it also runs under Windows XP (without sound effects or music) I have actually found that this is one game that I prefer playing in a small window (instead of in full screen mode):

Warlords II under Virtual PC   Warlords II under Virtual PC   Warlords II under Virtual PC   Warlords II under Virtual PC


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  • This is also one of my favourite games, we used to play it all the time when I was about 16..
  • Hey lads,

    What it you have Warlords II under XP and the speech and sound effects had been enabled before the transfer. Is there anyway you can take it off after the fact?

    Please email me if you can

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