Running Windows XP Tablet Edition under Virtual PC

Running Windows XP Tablet Edition under Virtual PC

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To be honest - I had never thought about installing Windows XP Tablet Edition under Virtual PC.  That is until someone emailed me letting me know that it worked (thanks Paul Langton).  This is actually pretty cool for two reasons:

  1. If a user is running Virtual PC on a tablet PC they can install Windows XP Tablet Edition inside of Virtual PC and continue to user pen input inside of the virtual machine.
  2. If you are a developer and you want to quickly test if your application works well with tablet editions of Windows - you can now do so without having to setup another computer.

And here you can see it running:

Windows XP Tablet Edition under Virtual PC   Windows XP Tablet Edition under Virtual PC   Windows XP Tablet Edition under Virtual PC   Windows XP Tablet Edition under Virtual PC

I must say that I was amazed by the level of writing recognition - as Windows was even able to interpret my 'bad mouse writing' without a problem.


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  • Wow that is cool, it never crossed my mind to run XP Tablet Edt under Virtual PC. Now what would be the real icing on the cake is if they added Windows CE 5.0 to an upcoming Virtual PC.

    Honestly I haven't attempted to develope for either boxes and maybe the Pocket PC emulator is enough, but it sure sounds like a neat feature.
  • I think that the Pocket PC emulator was based on some of the connectix code who made the predecessor to Virtual PC, though I could be completely wrong about that.
  • Correct - the PocketPC Emulator is actually just a modified version of Virtual PC.

  • Let me get this straight. You're running XPTE on a virtual machine on a desktop (or laptop)VPC host machine? Or are you running VPC on a tablet host machine, with XPTE running on the virtual machine? Or both?
  • Cool article. I posted it on Tablet PC Talk.

    Also, there are emulators for the Pocket PC and Smartphone for Windows Mobile 5.0. They are not standard Virutal PCs because they support running native ARM code like a Pocket PC or Smartphone does. You can download the emulators from
  • What machine are you usinng? I have VPC running on my Toshiba Tecra and I notice short hang ups every so often. VPC works great on my Toshiba M200 though. Very odd.
  • Hi Dave,

    In my case (being the Paul Langton Ben graciously mentioned in his article) I ran XP Tablet edition inside a Virtual PC running on a desktop machine. But theres no reason why that virtual PC couldn't be on a notebook, Tablet, or anything else capable of running Virtual PC, at least that I can think of.

    Hope thats helped


  • Great! I've got VPC, a laptop, and a Wacom tablet. All I need now is a copy of that there XP Tablet Edition. Thanx.
  • Why is Microsoft so "tight-gripped" on the Tablet PC OS? Isn’t it a second CD on-top of the XP Pro installation? I would love to install the Tablet OS as a guest OS in the Virtual PC, but my EULA (and Tablet PC 2005 restore CDs) won't allow that.

    Any suggestions for persons like me with desire for the Tablet PC 2005 as a guest OS?
  • Hi VPC User,

    Have you seen the following page

    It details how to create a slipstreamed installation, or get the tablet os part into an existing Windows XP Pro Sysprepped image (as long as its SP1 or higher).

    So as long as you have licences, go forth and conquer :)


  • Thanks Paul! :0)
  • Thanks Paul! :0)
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