StarCraft under Virtual PC

StarCraft under Virtual PC

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A month or two ago I was emailed an application compatibility report from another team at Microsoft - which had run an extensive application compatibility test suite under Virtual PC.  Of the ~400 applications this test suite had tested, 12 had reported failure and the team wanted my opinion on why this would be happening.  I immediately knew that there had to be a problem with their test methodology because one of the applications they had marked as failed was StarCraft - which I knew worked perfectly.

The reason why I was certain that StarCraft ran fine under Virtual PC is because I used to have a coworker who would play StarCraft inside of Virtual PC when we were manning booths at tradeshows.  By playing it inside of a virtual machine he was able to quickly minimize the game if someone came over to ask us a technical or product question.

So without further a due -- this post if for you Zack :-)

StarCraft under Virtual PC   StarCraft under Virtual PC   StarCraft under Virtual PC   StarCraft under Virtual PC  


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  • So can you say what the test team were doing for it to fail their tests?
  • How about Warcraft II (also made by Blizzard)? I haven't been able to get that one working under VPC yet...
  • Dave -

    It turns out that they had just assumed that this program wouldn't run and failed it without actually testing it.

    Scott -

    Yeah - I can't get Warcraft II to work either.

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