Crystal Caves under Virtual PC

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Crystal Caves is another platform game developed by Apogee - and it is built using the same game engine as Secret Agent.

  ###########  CRYSTAL CAVES  ###########
Ultra-smooth, full-screen scrolling EGA
animation and graphics, like Commander
Keen. You're Mylo, and you're out to strike
it rich. Explore an Altarian planet in this
action-packed arcade roller coaster ride.
Excellent animation and screen effects.
Joystick supported. By Apogee. Member SPA.

Interestingly enough - even though Crystal Caves was released prior to Secret Agent - I actually prefer this game and find it more challenging and enjoyable.  In Crystal Caves you are collecting crystals from a series of Alien caves - and they have utilized this environment for some cool twists - such as the fact that every level has an atmosphere regulator which if you shoot it accidentally causes instant death as the vacuum of space rushes in (check the 4th screenshot for my guy decompressing rapidly):

Crystal Caves under Virtual PC   Crystal Caves under Virtual PC   Crystal Caves under Virtual PC   Crystal Caves under Virtual PC

As it uses the same engine as Secret Agent it has the same little glitches - but still remains a fun game to play on a Friday afternoon:


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  • I remember playing that game when I was a kid!
  • Cool game... and also is nice to run under Virtual PC, since it don't work well on Windows XP.
  • I think I have that game on a floppy somewhere, works fine on Windows 98 (with a few setting tweaks)
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Crystal Caves under Virtual PC