Windows 3.0 under Virtual PC (again)

Windows 3.0 under Virtual PC (again)

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A long time ago I posted about the fact that if you try run Windows 3.0 under Virtual PC - it will only work if you use the EGA video driver - and even then the color pallete will be corrupted (

Well - thanks to Rick Towns I now know how to get Windows 3.0 to run in all of its VGA glory under Virtual PC.  The trick is to run Windows 3.0 in 'real mode' or 'standard mode' (as opposed to the default 'enhanced mode').  This can be done by simply typing 'WIN /R' or 'WIN /S' to launch Windows 3.0.

Then both the EGA and VGA drivers will work perfectly:

Windows 3.0 under Virtual PC   Windows 3.0 under Virtual PC   Windows 3.0 under Virtual PC

Thanks Rick!


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  • Very Nice Piture!
  • Alternatively, you can load the "ATI VGA" driver during setup instead of one of the standard EGA/VGA adapters. The ATI VGA adapter appears to work fine in enhanced mode, so you can still run your apps in 386 enhanced mode.

    The only catch is that going to a DOS prompt full-screen will crash Windows since the ATI driver doesn't seem to like to do that. But for your GUI apps it works fine.
  • I Love You ^^ boo yah i'm have windows 3.0 in Virtual PC 2007

  • Or you can simply add EMMExclude=A000-CBFF to the [386Enh] section of the SYSTEM.INI file.  Uses the default VGA drivers and has no full screen DOS prompt issues either.

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