Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure under Virtual PC

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ALL-NEW, Mar. 1992. SUPERB EGA/VGA graphics.
Full-screen wide adventure/action game made
with SUPERIOR graphics than our Duke Nukum.
Show-stopping animation!  FIRST EVER IBM PC
theme songs!  Help Cosmo rescue his parents
on a peril-packed planet!  80286+ required!

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure is a bit of a goofy game from Apogee - released in the heyday of PC platform gaming.  This game has you taking the role of a small green alien with red suction cups for hands, stranded on an alien planet, looking for your parents.  This game is a bit silly at times - but all in all a solid platform game:

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure under Virtual PC   Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure under Virtual PC   Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure under Virtual PC   Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure under Virtual PC

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure runs well under Virtual PC (and has full sound support - which I did not get when running on the physical computer) and if you want to try playing it yourself you can download it from:


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  • Hmm, I should start rummaging through all my old floppy disks for all those early 90s PC games and try them out on Virtual PC. How about the Commander Keen series?
  • I'm actually a huge retro gamer and while I don't own Virtual PC, I've always used DosBox to play my old dos games which works perfect almost all of the time.

    And actually I would expect DosBox to work better as it recreates DOS instead of emulates it ala Virtual PC does.

    PS: My personal favorite from Apogee are the Keen games. I still own the first 3 episode disk but I lost the zerox instructions they sent me. Obviously this game was made long before Apogee become a company with a more formal process, as their original games had no boxes.
  • I forgot to mention, while I played the entire first episode of Cosmic when it was brand now, I wasn't that impressed with the game because the scrolling was blocky instead of smooth. The majority of Apogee's games (both before and after Cosmic) scrolled smoothly. I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that this was the first apogee game that had backgrounds and I'm guessing their game engine couldn't handle it very well hence the jumpy scrolling.
  • its good
  • I played this game ten years ago i had playing this game it is the best game ever.

    I got right to the end of the game buy myself.

    Thankyou I am a computer wizz.

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Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure under Virtual PC