Hocus Pocus under Virtual PC

Hocus Pocus under Virtual PC

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#### HOCUS POCUS v1.1 by APOGEE!  (VGA) ####
####  386SX or higher -- 567K required  ####
Scrolling action game like Mario Bros., with
constant variety of levels, graphics, music,
enemies and awesome parallaxing backgrounds.
In a magical kingdom, Hocus must overcome
many realms before becoming a full-fledged
Wizard.  Supports ALL major sound boards,
like Ad Lib, GUS, PAS, SB & general MIDI.
Three skill levels, joystick/pad optional.
Copyright (c) 1994 Mike Voss. >shareware<

Meh - this is a game that I have never been able to get that excited about.  While it is a platform game from Apogee - it was released quite late in the 'PC Platform Gaming ERA'.  The game itself is okay - but the graphics feel a bit clunky and the story line is not engaging.  As for comparing this to Mario Brothers - you have to be kidding :-)

Hocus Pocus under Virtual PC   Hocus Pocus under Virtual PC   Hocus Pocus under Virtual PC

Anyway - this game runs well under Virtual PC and you can download it from ftp://ftp.3drealms.com/share/1hp11.zip


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