Drag and drop off of Virtual PC console

Drag and drop off of Virtual PC console

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A little known feature of Virtual PC is that you can select a virtual machine in the Virtual PC Console and drag and drop it off on to the desktop.  This will create a shortcut on the desktop that can be used to launch the selected virtual machine directly.


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  • I set up a Win98SE vm on my wife's laptop with the desktop icon so she could play an old game that is unfriendly to XP. I showed her how to Save State so she doesn't have to load the OS everytime and almost isn't aware of the vm. It acts like a regular game icon. The things we learn how to just to play games!
  • Geez man. I was a beta tester all the way back to the first Windows version of VPC - how did I miss that feature?

    That would have saved me countless clicks over the years. :-)
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