Using -singlepc with Virtual PC

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Another really useful command line option available with Virtual PC is the '-singlepc' option.  If you launch a virtual machine from the command line and include this option, the Virtual PC console will not be displayed.  This is very useful in enterprise environments where you may not want to have to educate your end user about what a virtual machine is and all that is entailed with that.

By using '-singlepc' you can just have a single icon that directly launches the virtual machine in question - and doesn't expose any other functionality.  In fact a number of our users have combined this command line option with our ability to hide the menu and status bars (under the virtual machine settings, in the Display section) to provide a very simple end user experience:

-singlepc with Virtual PC


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  • We have used this switch to deploy a series of 4 VPCs to an end user. they sysprep the first time and use the -serialnumber switch to specify what vpc it is an d join it to the domain and add it to the proper ou. also used the reg key in the vmaddons to name it based on the host system. host PC: stlo-testbox VPC1: stlo-testbox1 so on and so forth. Now i just need an automated way to readd them to the domain after they fall off (passwords out of sync)
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Using -singlepc with Virtual PC