Multiple monitors with virtual machines via MaxiVista

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I was recently made aware of a program called MaxiVista (  This program allows you to use the monitor of a network connected computer as a secondary monitor on your physical computer.  For me the really cool thing about this is that you can use this program on multiple virtual machines and end up with a virtual machine configuration that looks and behaves just like a multi-monitor computer:

MaxiVista under Virtual PC   MaxiVista under Virtual PC   MaxiVista under Virtual PC   MaxiVista under Virtual PC

In order to use the mouse correctly with this sort of configuration you will need to disable the mouse integration feature of Virtual PC / Virtual Server.  When you get this working it is really weird - but very cool :-)


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  • Dear Friend,

    This possible send screen form VPC01 to monitor 01. And VPC 02 to monitor 02?
  • Sounds cool... but does it make sense? Do you gain any screen real estate by doing it this way?
  • Funny you should mention MaxiVista today; I I just found out about it via myself. Neat little app.
  • I used this also but:

    I have an multimonitor host machine (matrox G450).
    With MaxiVista I now can have a dual-monitor on 1 VPC.
    Start an maxiV-client on your host-pc, tell it to show on monitor 2.
    On the VPC start maxiV-server. Now you have an multimonitor VPC machine.
    You can even put your laptop next to it an put another client ther...

    A must have for developers using VPC
  • There is an open source version called Synergy available for Windows, Unix (inc Linux) and Mac OS X.

    It's available at
  • Synergy does the remote control part - not the multi-monitor part.

    The MaxiVista integration of Synergy style remote control with virtual monitors together is the killer feature.

    Unfortunately running at the same time as Virtual PC lots of times the clipboard stops working ( both extend the clipboard between machines ).

    One other arrangement is to put the second monitor of a host inside a Virtual PC - useful when testing software on the host, when you've only got one physical monitor.

  • This Maxivista is freaking brilliant! I wonder why it has not been invented 5 years ago?!

    Before I also used Synergy but this Maxivista dual monitor thing is a real killer feature!

  • Yeah, I got this working last year with 1.5 or earlier. The maxivista guys didn't quite understand what I meant in my pre-purchase question ;)

    VPC rocks hard but giving up 2 [or more] monitors sucks harder ;) I'm still running 1.5x or something. Getting VPC and maxi viewer fullscreen AND on non-default monitors doesn't really work right... but I got used to it.

    Is the new maxivista pro worth it? I have a couple licenses of 1.5x. It's a pay upgrade... with 50% discount.

    John Dhom
  • Regarding question about running maxi viewer on another PC... absolutely. This is more the norm than running the server and viewer on the same machine... which is twisted, but cool.

    Speaking of twisted... on one project I ran this on a dual monitor laptop in the config we're discussing. Laptop has internal bluetooth... and I have both bluetooth kbd/mouse AND usb wireless kbd/mouse. We were pairing and both had our own kbd/mouse [and not a lot of deskspace]. Let's just say it was useful and "fun"... lol

    John Dhom
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Multiple monitors with virtual machines via MaxiVista