Heading down to Dixie’s

Heading down to Dixie’s

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This summer we have had a Program Management Intern, Pat Mauro, working on the virtual machine team (on top secret stuff of course).  Given that tomorrow is Pat's last day on the team before he heads back to the joys of college education we decided to have a farewell lunch down at Dixie’s.  Many things have been said about Dixie’s - so rather than waffling on I will just say 'Best darned BBQ ever'.  And if you feel like spending two hours eating meat I can personally recommend the Combo Dinner:

Pierre, Mikey and Ben (left to right)   Ben's meal - a whole bunch of meat   Ben and Pat at the end of the meal

Anyway - good luck Pat and hope to see you again next year :)


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  • good luck to pat! hope that he does well. read the article about dixie's...will have to check it out if i am ever in your city...if you want, come to amarillo, tx and i will take you to a place about 30 miles from here that serves the BEST ribs and brisket. take care and once again...good luck to pat!
  • You must get out of Redmond more. Dixies is far from the best BBQ. There are places in Atlanta that kick Dixies behind left and right.
  • oh dear, You should try this with real silverware and crockery :-)

    thanks for the virtual pc blog!
  • I do read the blog. Thanks Ben. :) It was a fun summer. This guy rocks (and so does Dixies).
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