Quake II under Virtual PC

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Quake II (http://www.idsoftware.com/games/quake/quake2/) was one of the first games to truly take advantage of hardware support for 3D acceleration - in fact I purchased my first 3D video card because of Quake II (it was an 8mb Creative Voodoo II card).  It also has good support for using a plain 2D video card so it runs fine under Virtual PC:

Quake II under Virtual PC   Quake II under Virtual PC   Quake II under Virtual PC

Interestingly enough it runs better under Virtual PC in Windowed mode than in full screen mode.  On my 2.0GHZ Opteron I get the following frames per second:

  1. 320 x 240 Full screen = 68 FPS
  2. 320 x 240 Windowed   = 199 FPS
  3. 640 x 480 Windowed   = 99 FPS

It is also quite playable on my 1GHZ system under Virtual PC.


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  • You know what would be really cool: virtualising the GPU as well as the CPU.

    Apart from making it possible to play 3D-accelerated games on Virtual PC - a worthwhile goal in itself - it's also going to be pretty close to essential if Windows Vista is going to run inside a virtual machine at a decent speed. Aero Glass pretty much requires 3D acceleration, doesn't it?
  • That's a good point. I wonder who would provide the video BIOS though. I also wonder the possible hardware requirements on the host computer. [For emulation of a particular video chip itself.] [Unless you could somehow use the physcial card in the machine, much like the CPU itself.]
  • Mike,

    VPC currently does emulate a video card. Virtualizing the video card would use the host's video card.

    VPC for Windows virtualizes the CPU, so a VM always has the same CPU as the physical machine.

    VPC for Mac emulates a Pentium 2 CPU, since there is no x86 CPU to virtualize.
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Quake II under Virtual PC