Virtual Server 2005 now in MSDN!

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Woo Hoo!  As of today Virtual Server 2005 Standard will be included in all MSDN Enterprise and Universal Subscriptions.  This is great news for all developers out there!

Have fun with it :-)

(details at:


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  • Thanks a lot Ben for being so fast!

    I pinged the news on my blog too.

    Alessandro Perilli
  • Why does not for TECHNET subscribers :(?
  • When is it supposed to hit the MSDN downloads? I have a universal subscription and it's not there yet.
  • I found the download a day before TType85's posting, though a day after I expected to find it. It wasn't easy to find, but I looked in every category and eventually there it was.

    I guess it's not listed as among the newest downloads because it was posted some time in 2004 (forgot the exact date).

    Hope I can find it again tomorrow when I plan to actually take the download instead of just looking at its description.
  • Found it tonight. It is under Servers

    :) Can't wait to play with it tomorrow!
  • I am planning to install Vista as the guest OS under Virtual Server 2005 std edition on my 2003 host.

    But in the admin page, I saw that VMRC is disabled. And when I click on Enable and enter the apprepriate data and upon clicking OK, it returns back with no info message nor with an error; and when I go back I can see that it is still disabled.

    Do you know how to I enable that ? So that I can proceed to install by connecting..

  • I replayed a TechNet session on Virtual Server, and I think the speaker said there weren't Virtual Machine Additions for Vista (yet).
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Virtual Server 2005 now in MSDN!