Worms under Virtual PC

Worms under Virtual PC

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Now here is one heck of a game.  Worms is a fun little game made by the guys at Team 17.  It takes the original 'Artillery' game concepts and adds the interesting twist that rather than manning tanks that are trying to blow each other up - you are controlling a team of comedic cute little worms... with bazookas :-)

Worms can be played under Virtual PC, however for reasons unbeknownst to me we have a lot of problems with the way they are trying to talk to our sound card.  This can cause poor performance and even crashes while playing Worms.  Worms does not provide a way to disable sound (that I could find) but if you type in 'Set blaster=' before launching Worms it will not enable sound (afterwards you should type in 'set blaster=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6' to make sure that other games continue to work correctly).

Here are some screen-shots:

Worms under Virtual PC Worms under Virtual PC Worms under Virtual PC Worms under Virtual PC

If you want to try this out for yourself you can download a playable demo from here.


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  • Does Microsoft know that VMWare 5.0 runs latest Windows Vista PDC build without much trouble, unlike VPC (which is unbearably slow)? Thought you might want to know...On Dual 3.0 GHz CPU with 2 Gig of RAM I can almost use Windows Vista as normal working environment on VMware.
  • Not being able to use VPC limits testing exposure of Windows Vista. Not many people want to install beta on their machines.
  • Hi Leo,

    We are well aware of this - and hope to address this soon. In the future - however - I would prefer it if comments were topical to the actual blog post.

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