Worms Armageddon under Virtual PC

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Wrapping up on the Worms series of games we come to Worms Armageddon .  This game is very similar to Worms World Party - but once again with slightly better graphics and slightly more polish.  Worms Armageddon can run just fine under Windows 2000 / Windows XP - but what I am interested in is that it also runs fine under Virtual PC :-)

Worms Armageddon under Virtual PC Worms Armageddon under Virtual PC Worms Armageddon under Virtual PC

There is little that needs to be done to get this working - except for to disable the mouse integration functionality provided by the Virtual Machine Additions (as this causes problems with playing Worms).

One interesting thing to know about Worms Armageddon is that it is one of the favorite games of one of our test leads - and as a result gets the most thorough testing of any of the computer games out there.


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  • Gday

    I was reading an interesting article on "The Old New Thing" by Raymond Chen on virtualisation - though I'm sure everyone has sent you links to it, JUST in case here it is:


  • Worms Armageddon is one of my favorite games of all time. I'm looking forward to playing it again on OS X with Virtual PC!

    Thanks for all your work testing it!
  • i tried playing both on XP and the ordinary 98 and the 2000! none of them work! WAHHHHHH! It was one of my favorite games. someone please help me! Please.
    Ha! if you think i'm gonna tell you're wrong!
    (sorry i cna't give away my name)
    (hope ya understand)
  • How do I disable the mouse integration?

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Worms Armageddon under Virtual PC