Setting up a Ghost network disk for Virtual PC / Virtual Server

Setting up a Ghost network disk for Virtual PC / Virtual Server

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It is not uncommon for people to need to setup a Symantec Ghost ( network boot floppies to run inside of Virtual PC / Virtual Server.  Symantec provide a nice wizard to do this with - but unfortunately they do not include the driver for our emulated network card.

The driver that you need is the NDIS2 Unified DC21x4 driver from here:

Once you have downloaded this package you will want to point the Symantec Ghost boot floppy wizard at the 'mslanman.dos\drivers\ethernet\dc21x4\dc21x4.dos' file.  You should not need to specify any special parameters for this driver in order to get it to work.


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  • Man, I think your co-worker ripped off your content:
  • That is pretty darned funny. It is a good thing that I am not protective of my content :-)

  • If Microsoft paid you for posting this particular content then, as a work for hire, its copyright belongs to Microsoft. So if Microsoft finds out that your co-worker ripped off Microsoft's content, what will happen?
  • The Symantec Norton Ghost link in the original post was dead for me. Here is a replacement.

    Thanks for all your good work.
  • Umm, I think my content was first (7-15-2003 2b x-act)! ;-)

    "Network Boot Disks for Symantec and Norton Ghost

    The Ghost Boot Wizard can create network boot disks for use with the Intel/DEC 21140 network
    card emulated by Virtual PC. The drivers for the network card are not included, but can be
    downloaded from Intel’s website here:
    nd2_300.htm. Make a note of the location after expanding the drivers.
    5. Template Properties: Click Browse to locate the dc21x4.dos driver. The default path for the
    driver is MSLANMAN.DOS\DRIVERS\ETHERNET\DC21X4. Select the driver and click Open."

    Just like my Diff Disk diagram in the VS Admin guide!

    Yo, Normy, this is sarcasm, like Ben's response.
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