Problems with Intelppm.sys and processr.sys under Virtual PC / Virtual Server

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Under certain circumstances with a Windows XP / 2003 operating system - intelppm.sys and processr.sys can cause a virtual machine running under Virtual PC / Virtual Server to crash (by default this will cause the Windows guest operating system to reboot automatically - but if you have changed this setting you will see a blue screen).  The reason for this crash is because these drivers are attempting to perform an unsupported operation inside of the virtual machine (like upgrading the physical processors microcode, changing power state on the physical processor).

Today this problem only occurs on Centrino and AMD K8 processors.  Most people see this problem when they move a virtual machine that was created on another type of processor to a computer running one of these types of processors (and then they usually see the problem when they attempt to shutdown their virtual machine for the first time).  Now you may be wondering why you have not heard about this problem more often - and the reason for that is that if these drivers fail once - they are smart enough to not attempt to perform the operation that failed again.

If you are seeing this problem repeatedly you can manually disable these drivers (with no negative side effect) by going to the following location in the registry:




And changing the 'Start' value to '4'.

In the mean time we have made some subtle changes to the way our hardware exposes the processor in Virtual Server R2 so that in future products these drivers should never get loaded inside of virtual machines.


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  • WOW... :D :D

    Seven years later it still helps :D :D :D

  • Thank you . thank you... thank you.... =D

    it was helpfull

  • You're awesome... i have suffered a lot when i changed from an AMD host to an Intel .... so thanks!!

  • but I cann't found the two keys in my windows?

  • Thank you!! I create the virtual machine in an AMD-desktop, and moving to an Intel-laptop brought me to the BSoD... now I've solved!! :D

  • Hi

    I have problem with intelppm.sys driver causing high utlisation on CPU, but it is not on virtual server, its on physical server, is it safe to disable to driver?

  • Thank you. This was exactly what was needed. I thought I lost my entire development environment today after the latest Vbox update made this old error come back.

  • The registry modification on safe mode worked like a charm for me, was afraid to have a blue screen starting my windows XP on Virtual Box, don't know why this happened after a whole year working correctly, but so happy to find your solution...

    Thanks a lot!

  • My virtualbox was freakinme out!

    But, man... I LOVE YOU.


  • Thank you, from me to! Solved my problems with XP today.

  • Thank you, worked like a charm for winXp virtualBox's guest during migration on different cpu architecture) Maybe this blog post is eternal?)

  • Benjamin THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I was freaking out but now that the problem has been solved am at ease. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • I was having similar issues for Physical Server which has installed windows 2003 32bit version, but strange thing when I uninstalled Mcafee, the issue is fixed


    Lawrence T

  • I've encountered this problem after migrated my xp's virtual machine running on Ubuntu with Xeon processor to a machine with centrino on both windows seven and ubuntu host's.

    I've solved the issue thanks to your detailed explanation.

    I'm very agreeded to you,!!

    Thanks a lot from Spain!

  • thanks a lot, this issue appeared after upgrading to Win10 host, and was still present with virtualbox 5.0.4

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Problems with Intelppm.sys and processr.sys under Virtual PC / Virtual Server