New Virtual Server 2005 R2 whitepapers

New Virtual Server 2005 R2 whitepapers

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In the lead up to the release of Virtual Server 2005 R2 there are now two new interesting whitepapers available off of the Microsoft download center:


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  • Ben when can we expect to see a new Virtual PC version? (How about Virtual PC 2005, or Virtual PC 2006) AFAIK since the last SP1 all that had come out are Virtual Servers.

    Is any new Virtual PC product planned? and if so, when?

  • Ben isn't allowed to say. Microsoft and any smart company doesn't announce release dates (unless it's something really big like their next OS).

    Considering that 2005 is almost over I think we can be certain that there will be no VPC 2005.

    I haven't been keeping up with any VPC news but the beta's are usually being developed a full year or more before their release. I haven't heard anything about a VPC 2006. Closest thing I've heard of is Virtual PC Express due in March 2006. (IIRC it's basically a basic ver of VPC for corporate uses).

    Since there hasn't been even a slight mention of a new VPC for Windows I say possible mid 2006-End of 2006 for a VPC 2007....and that's just me guessing.

    Frankly, if your that worried about a new VPC version then you should either be happy with what you have (Which I really don't see how you could be....) or do what everyone else does who wants an updated VM product that does what they want....use Vmware.
  • DosFreak is right - I am not going to spill the beans on any pending releases until they have been officially announced. Of course I do not agree with the statement about using VMware :-)

  • VPC's really only missing three things, Winxdows x64 compatibility, USB support, and Linux Additions. Other than that, there's little difference in the functionality.

    Until Windows x64 is mature enough to have a the same broad base of third party device drivers, its still got limited use to most people (including myself)
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