Virtual Server 2005 R2 RTMs

Virtual Server 2005 R2 RTMs

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Hi All,

Well - Virtual Server 2005 R2 has RTM'd.  Some high level details of the changes in Virtual Server 2005 R2 are as follows:

  • Virtual Server host clustering. Support for host-to-host connectivity lets you cluster all virtual machines running on a host.
  • iSCSI support. iSCSI clustering enables guest-to-guest connectivity across physical machines.
  • x64 support. Virtual Server runs natively within a 64-bit Windows host operating system, providing increased performance and memory headroom.
  • Enhanced PXE booting. Virtual Server now includes improved hyperthreading, support for F6 Disk (SCSI driver), and virtual disk pre-compactor functionality.
  • Performance improvements.

For more details checkout:



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  • Thanks Ben, very welcomed news.
  • Cool! When will we see these enhancements for Virtual PC?
  • This is great news!

    But it's surprising that Microsoft has not announced any near plans to update Virtual PC 2004. Especially since the competition is getting even more ahead with a new release.

    Microsoft needs to cach up!
  • Ben how come Virtual PC 2004 SP1 does not report hyperthreading on a hyperthreaded CPU?

    Is hyperthreading support disabled on VPC?
  • Kjell-Åke Andersson,

    Since he said it went RTM means it's available now. If you have MSDN access you can download it. And it will hit the shelves in a few weeks.

    RTM stands for "Release To Manufactoring" which means it's official complete.
  • As was already mentioned it will likely be at least a month before we can download the final code via the volume licening downloads site (SQL Server 2005 still isn't available to give you an indication).

    Really what I'm interested in is a way to speed up performance for the number of Windows 2003 SP1 virtual machines we have. The performance for Windows 2003 SP1 on Vartual Server 2005 with the VS 2005 virtual machine additions is so bad it's like you don't even have virtual machine additions installed.

    You can "work around" these issues using the VM additions from either the VS 2005 SP1 ß or the VM additions from Virtual PC 2004 SP1 but that's obviously not ideal.

    I'm wondering how the VS 2005 R2 VM additions work with a guest machine to a VS 2005 gold host. I suspect they work, and of course I'll find out.

    Also as an aside, IMO Microsoft did a serious disservice to it's customers when it decided to turn VS 2005 SP1 into VS 2005 R2. If you are a smaller company and can't justify a volume licensing deal you actually have to pay for this upgrade to address major functionality gaps in VS 2005 gold (chiefly lack of Windows 2003 SP1 support) though admittedly that probably impacts less than 10% of VS 2005 customers as most have some sort of volume license with software assurance or something like it. But even for people who don't have to worry about the cost of the change from SP1 to R2 there was a sveral month delay that resulted from the change. Microsoft should have at least released (supported) updated VM additions to address the Windows 2003 SP1 issue. In fact they still should for those customers who bought VS 2005 gold and can't afford to pay to upgrade to R2.
  • Kjell-Åke Andersson & Jason -

    Sorry, no announcements for Virtual PC at the moment.

    Daniel -

    No - we do not expose hyperthreading through to the virtual machine today.

    Robert -

    You should be happy to hear today's pricing announcement. Also - you can obtain updated Additions for Virtual Server 2005 by contacting Microsoft Product Support.

  • Tuesday, November 15, 2005 9:57 AM by Travis Owens
    > If you have MSDN access you can download it.

    URL please. I just finished looking and couldn't find it. (Virtual Server 2005 non-R2 and VPC 2004 are visible in the Applications area.)
  • Is there any changes to the underlying emulation within Virtual Server? Same S3 video? Same BX chipset on motherboard, etc?

    By asking this, I'm trying to get a feel for what might be in store for the next VPC 200x. :)

    Robert (different Robert)
  • It's not on MSDN yet! Anybody knows when/if this will be available?

    What was the pricing announcement today?

    Bharat Suneja
  • MSDN availability rarely coincides with an RTM announcement.

    If you can afford $2000+ for MSDN subscriptions, what's $99 anyway?
  • What is it? Another potentially protracted trip through my employer's purchasing process ;-)
  • Two weeks on from RTM and it is still not on MSDN.

    >>If you can afford $2000+ for MSDN >>subscriptions, what's $99 anyway?

    If you are going to use the software in the same way (i.e. MSDN licensing) then why pay the same product twice?
  • I checked the MSDN subscriber download page. The R2 version isn't there yet.
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