HP ProLiant server sizer for Microsoft Virtual Serer 2005 R2

HP ProLiant server sizer for Microsoft Virtual Serer 2005 R2

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So I got sent a pretty cool link today:


(You will need to signup for a HP login to view this page)

What it does is ask you a whole bunch of questions about what type, configuration and number of virtual machines that you want to run on top of Virtual Server R2 and then gives a recommendation as to what sort of HP hardware you should buy to get up and running.


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  • Nice, but I'd take the recommended server size with a pinch of salt.
    I tried it out to see how it compared to my own experience with HP servers running VS 2005 SP1 beta.
    For one I was not offered the DL385 as an option, this is strange since the DL385 is in my opinion the best VM server on the market for the price. Dual socket, dual core Opterons with 16GB RAM and 6 x 3.5" SCSI disks for $12K give or take. I liked the first one I got so much that I bought 5 more for VMs alone.
    Secondly, using the sample data provided, the system suggested I buy 2 DL585s. Now I happen to have 2 DL585s running VS 2005 already with single core Opterons, and either one could easily handle the sample load several times over. I have 30 VMs of Windows 2000, XP and 2003 on one, each with 1GB of RAM and I rarely see it push past 35% of total CPU. I'd like to see what it could do if it was really loaded up with 128GB of RAM...
    Third, only internal SCSI storage was considered when I selected "Local Storage". Personally I find locally attached SCSI arrays to be quite effective for VS 2005 servers. But with R2 having iSCSI support maybe I'll really start using up all the space on the NetApp box...
    Looks like a decent tool though, all things considered.
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