Virtual PC and video ram

Virtual PC and video ram

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Virtual PC emulates an S3 Trio 64 Video card with 8mb of video ram (VRAM).  From time to time I get people asking me why we do not increase the amount of VRAM - and there are a couple of reasons why:

  1. VRAM is a fixed overhead.  Each virtual machine that you launch uses 8mb of your computers memory to store our VRAM information.  If we increase this - it will increase the amount of memory used for each virtual machine - whether the virtual machine is using this extra memory or not.

  2. On video cards with hardware 3D acceleration support VRAM is used for storage of textures, and other performance improving measures.  However with a 2D video card VRAM is only used to store a single frame buffer of the contents on screen.  This means that with a 2D video card (such as we emulate) adding more VRAM just allows you to support higher resolutions - but it does not provide better performance.  At 8mb we are able to display at up to 1600x1200 resolutions.


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  • how can i increase the the VRAM of my video card?????

  • I use virtual pc but it is impossible to load for example Opengl in many programs 3d graphics. My Hard disk doesn't allow to install windows xp or I get a blue screen:( do I need to upgrade vpc to get best 3d video acceleration?

  • 4MB - 16 MB VRAM? just not good enough!

    you just need 32-64 GB VRAM

    AND some 3D acceleration

    suggest emulate radeon 9000 or something like that


  • >>At 8mb we are able to display at up to 1600x1200 resolutions.

    Yes, except if we use the /Span with two reasonably high resolution displays, the color depth drops to 8 bit which makes for darned ugly displays.  

    /Span does work but you begin to not want to use it.

  • graphics are so bad that even screensevers not works

  • quisiera saver si se puede aumentar la memoria de video

  • I'm using "Roblox Studio"  on my Windows 8 desk top. The latest update requires a 16MB graphic memory thingy. I don't know how to get one, or if I can get one at all? What do I do? 'Cause this don't help me at all.

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