AfterBurner under Virtual PC

AfterBurner under Virtual PC

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While looking around recently I dredged up this old classic.  This is the 1989 PC port of the arcade classic 'AfterBurner' by SEGA.  Spending time playing these truly retro games is always a risky proposition.  Sometimes you find that time has not faired well on a game - and what you used to have fond memories of is actually quite a boring game.  But other times you fire them up and get sucked straight back in.  AfterBurner is a game that stands the test of time well:

AfterBurner under Virtual PC   AfterBurner under Virtual PC   AfterBurner under Virtual PC   AfterBurner under Virtual PC

And - for a game of its age - it runs really well under Virtual PC.  With nice EGA graphics and none of the timing issues that commonly plague the older PC games - the only real complaint that you might have is dealing with the painful 'PC Speaker music' - which can thankfully be turned off.


P.S. As the next two days are Thanksgiving holidays here in the US - I will not be posting until next week.

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  • If you want some old games that still can make hours seem like minutes, at least to me:

    Ultima Underworld (both 1 and 2)
    X-COM (again both 1 and 2)

    Don't blame me if you miss some deadlines. :-)

    Btw, have you tested some other fast-paced stuff like e.g. The Need For Speed (the original)? That could be a cool test, to see how well (or not) emulation keeps up, as it requires some pretty non-lagging interactivity.
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