QIX under Virtual PC

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QIX is one of the oldest arcade games I know of - and while it is rather fun - the stories that people tried to develop around it were bizarre to say the least.  The basis of QIX is that you control this little diamond and attempt to 'box in' a quick moving set of lines, while avoiding being touched by the lines or sparking objects.  But as you can see from the first screenshot here:

QIX under Virtual PC   QIX under Virtual PC   QIX under Virtual PC   QIX under Virtual PC

The arcade version tried to craft some weird 'alien invasion' story around this game that I could never understand.  None the less - this is a really fun and addictive old classic.  QIX runs acceptably under Virtual PC (a little slow here and there - but very playable).


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  • I remember playing that on the good old gameboy. You know the black and white one that was really bulky... :)

    You should try and find a copy of Popcorn (I'm pretty sure thats its name). I remember playing it in monochrome. It was one of the many 'bust the blocks with the ball and paddle' games.

    I presume you're playing all these games under MS-DOS 6.22 or are you splitting them between the various Windows operating systems and MS-DOS 6.22?
  • Sometimes Ben runs these games under Windows 98 because for some reason they don't work under MS-DOS. I can only assume that the emulation in 9x command prompt is better than VPC emulation when you run the game in straight DOS under VPC.
    I've been assuming that he runs these games in DOS unless he states otherwise.

    98SE/DOS (included in 98se) should be the only OS you need for DOS gaming in VPC.

    It goes without saying that you shouldn't be using 95/ME due to the bugginess of both OS's and NT NTVDM emulation is far from ideal.
  • Yup -

    Unless I state otherwise I am running under MS-DOS 6.22

  • I remember an older game of the same principal - Xonix. It was text mode (?), and ran on my neighbour's XT machine.
  • I had forgotten this great game! Any link on where to get it?
  • Hi James -

    Sorry - this is a comercial program - so no link. There are a number of freeware / shareware clones though if you want to do a web search.

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QIX under Virtual PC