Operation Wolf under Virtual PC

Operation Wolf under Virtual PC

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Operation Wolf was one of my childhood favorite arcade games.  This game places you as a commando tearing through 6 different levels shooting *almost* everything that moves.  I do not know why - but as a child I used to take great joy in shooting the few people that you were not supposed to shoot (i.e. nurses, civilians).  This seemed to bother my father - which in turn spurred me on to ensure that whenever I was playing this game with him nearby I would never let a civilian cross the screen safely (which is probably far more than you really wanted to know about me - I am a nice person really ;-)).

Operation Wolf under Virtual PC   Operation Wolf under Virtual PC   Operation Wolf under Virtual PC   Operation Wolf under Virtual PC

To run Operation Wolf under Virtual PC - I actually had to run it under Windows 98 - as running it under DOS resulted in sporadic speed that made the game unplayable.  I spent some time tweaking with the video options and could not decide which I liked better: VGA - provides all the appropriate fades and smooth scrolling, but has a bar of corrupt graphics on the right side of the screen.  While MCGA has no graphical corruption - but does not scroll as smoothly.


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  • A real favorite of mine too - although in my case I first played it on my father's Amiga 2000 computer sometime in early 1989.

    Regards, Michael.
  • You must have REALLY loved Frogger!
  • I loved this game - I used to play it over at a friends house on his C64 all the time. Is it available as a free download anywhere nowadays?
  • Howard -

    This game is still commercial /copyrighted - so there are no legal free downloads of it available.

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