Ben is leaving the building...

Ben is leaving the building...

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Well - it was bound to happen sooner or later - I am going on holidays!  In fact - I will be gone for the entire of December.  This means that it is time for you to stop reading my blog, and start speaking to your family more.

Alternatively - the virtualization team is currently hiring.  If you are interested go to and search on the keyword 'VMTECH' - or email your resume to

I will be back on the 2nd of January - but until then - enjoy December and have a happy Christmas.


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  • Happy holidays to you and your family. Stay safe!
  • Happy holidays!!!
  • Have fun!
  • I see a couple positions for 'VMTECH' listed there. Should I put on my paranoid hat and assume the next version won't be coming out for a long while until those positions are filled? Did some key people leave? <conspiracy theory off/>
  • I have not had any success getting FreeBSD 6.0-Release to work on Virtual PC 7.02 for my Mac. Any suggestions?

    It hangs on:

    "Extracting base into / directory 2%"

    This OS is listed on the VPC Compatibility list as "working", but I have had no luck.

    FreeBSD 5.4 also hangs, but then slowly increments its completion % from 2% to about 12% - but it took about 24 hours on my Mac Mini.

    VPC on the Mac runs XP, Win2K, and WinME perfectly, but I also would like to run Unix. Actually, I am really curious which UNIX will work on VPC, as it is listed as it of the client types. (perhaps I must run Solaris or NetBSD, etc)

  • No need for conspiracy theories. MS is investing heavily in virtualization and this is just new growth. Actually the bulk of the growth happened over the last two years, so we are in pretty good shape for upcoming releases.
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