Virtual Server 2005 R2 is now available on MSDN

Virtual Server 2005 R2 is now available on MSDN

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I guess that says it all...


(who is still struggling with jetlag. Grrr...)

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  • Welcome back!
  • Hi Ben,

    I do remember if you have VPC 2004 installed and VS 2005 on a windows XP prof machine, the R2 VS 2005 update, will also support hyper threading for the VPC 2004 version as well?

    Am I right?

  • Off topic:

    Have you ever described installing DOS (any version) in VPC with network access to a Windows 2003 server?
  • Raymond -

    Virtual PC is limited to using one logical processor for all virtual machines - so it never had any problems with Hyperthreading.

    Bjørn -

    Nope - I will add it to the list of potential posts. I will tell you this much - it is not simple :)

  • First, let me say that Virtual PC and Virtual Server ROCK!

    Is is advisable to use the Virtual Machines Additions from VS 2005 R2 inside Virtual PC VMs? Does is gain us anything? It seems to work, but what does it do differently, if anything?

    One other thing; any possibility that we can get the VPC oddity with fullscreen mode (on one monitor), while the host is visible on the other monitor to not black/blank the VPC fullscreen whenever you click on the host's screen on the other monitor?
  • Marc -

    There is not much advantage to doing this - but it is a fully supported configuration if you wish to do so.

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