Why is Virtual Server telling me that "hardware/bios/time_bytes" changed?

Why is Virtual Server telling me that "hardware/bios/time_bytes" changed?

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A couple of people have noticed strange entries in their event log for Virtual Server - like:

The setting "hardware/bios/time_bytes" for the virtual machine configuration "Test virtual machine" was changed.

These entries appear because Virtual Server creates an informational eventlog whenever a setting for a virtual machine is changed.  This will happen if the change is the result of a user action - or even if it is just the result of Virtual Server changing its own settings.  In the case of the above entry - whenever you turn off / save state / reset a virtual machine, Virtual Server stores the time that was in the BIOS.

Personally I usually filter out the informational events when looking at the Virtual Server log files and only look at warning and critical events.


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  • First off, I want to apologize for going off topic in this comment, but due to its obscure nature, you may be the only person able to answer my question.

    I just found a blog post of yours from last fall ( http://blogs.msdn.com/virtual_pc_guy/archive/2005/08/17/452726.aspx ) which talks about using MaxiVista with Virtual PC to essentially simulate a virtual machine with an extended desktop across 2 monitors (actually 2 virtual machines).

    That scenario is VERY close to what I am trying to accomplish, but before I invest in a copy of MaxiVista, I need to know whether or not what I want to do will work.

    I have a Dual G5 PowerMac with 2 monitors running OS X 10.4 and Virtual PC 7. Assuming that I configure MaxiVista and VirtualPC like you did, would it be possible for me to make one virtual machine full screen on one of my monitors while the other virtual machine is full screen on the other monitor?

    I know that you are a Virtual PC for Windows rather than Mac, but since I have had such difficulty in explaining to anyone what I am trying to accomplish, it seems like your previous experience using Virtual PC with MaxiVista makes you into my last best hope for an accurate answer.

    Mark Bitterling
  • How long until Virtual PC comes out for ht e new Macs? Will it finally be able to access graphics hardware?
  • Hi Guys,

    I have nothing to do with Virtual PC for Mac these days - so I can't really answer either of your questions.

  • Hi Ben,

    I have a problem in my environment that I think might be a issue with Virtual Server and the time in BIOS.
    We had a loss of power a little while ago. The PDC emulator that is responsible for the time in the domain was down during the period described below.
    When power came back my Virtual Server started (the host). It had no source of acurate time since the PDC emulator was down and my second DC is a virtual one.
    Well, my virtual DC starts and client starts to syncronise time with that one. Guess what? It's 40 minutes wrong. Seems like the BIOS in my virtual DC had "saved" the time from system was shutdown?

    My question: Where does the BIOS in the virtual machines get the time?
  • Hi Jesper,

    I believe that you are seeing a known bug. Virtual Server should resync the time of the virtual machine on each boot - but it doesn't. The easiest thing to do here is to configure your virtual machine to use network time syncronization with an external source.

  • Hi Ben,

    Thank you for that inside (?) information. It's REALLY appreciated!
    Problem solved in R2 perhaps?

    Regards Jesper
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