Hibernation under Virtual PC

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One little known fact about Virtual PC and Virtual Server is that with both of these products - it is possible to 'hibernate' the virtual machine if you wish to.  However most people never do this because one of the drivers that gets installed as part of the Virtual Machine Additions disables the hibernation feature.  If you want to hibernate a virtual machine - uninstall the Virtual Machine Additions and give it a shot - otherwise saving state is better in most situations.


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  • I've always loved Hibernate, I use it at work every day - 4:58pm, hibernate scheduled with 2 minute countdown.

    auto-wake computer before I get to work, defrag, virus scan etc.. Everything all back to the way I left it and no waiting around.. ever!
  • I can't think of a situation where hibernate is better than save state. What would it be?
  • I find hibernation combined with undo disks a particularly powerful tool when testing. I get my virtual machine to the exact point I need it (with certain tools loaded in memory), hibernate, and then enable tundo disks.

    This way when I power on the machine, I can always return to the exact point I need to test. And can do so over and over.

    If I need further to go a little bit further, I hack the save state as per your blog 'Hacking 'Repeatable Save State Restore'. Works a treat!
  • did you ever tried to hibernate the host while virtual pc is running?

    the hibernate hangs forever.

    i will be happy to know the official recommendation regarding that.
    or other's experiences.

  • .. to install fully functional ISA server in Virtual Server?

    Sorry about this offtopic question! But since you are Virtual PC Guy ;) Please...

  • I have no problem hibernating the host while a Virtual PC guest is running. It has always worked well and very quickly. On the other hand VMWare really hates the host being hibernated.

    This is why I run VPC on my laptop.
  • Andrew -

    Cool, I had not even thought of that use of hibernation.

    Ofer -

    Make sure you have VPC 2004 SP1 installed and everything should work.

    Blob -

    Yes - very off topic - and yes it is possible, however the ISA team does not support the use of ISA in virtual machines.

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Hibernation under Virtual PC