NetWare 6.0 under Virtual PC

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Going on with the Novell NetWare series we now come to NetWare 6.0.  I have an evaluation version of NetWare 6.0 on an old CD - but I was unable to find a download link to share (sorry).  Like all versions of NetWare you will need to use the modified network drivers.

The installation of NetWare 6.0 is very similar to that of NetWare 6.5 - with two exceptions:

  1. The version of Java used in NetWare 6.0 is much more responsive under Virtual PC / Virtual Server than the version used in NetWare 6.5.  This makes the user experience much more pleasant overall.

  2. NetWare 6.0 can talk to our emulated floppy drive - which makes it easy to put modified network drivers on a floppy disk and load them during install.

Here you can see NetWare 6.0 under Virtual PC:

NetWare 6.0 under Virtual PC   NetWare 6.0 under Virtual PC   NetWare 6.0 under Virtual PC   NetWare 6.0 under Virtual PC   NetWare 6.0 under Virtual PC   NetWare 6.0 under Virtual PC

Just to reiterate though - the performance is *bad*!  It is really only useful for curiosity and personal education.  Please do not think that you can use this for a production server environment.


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  • Any ideas (not hold you to it or quote you!) on why performance is bad? Do you mean the video, app or over-the-network? I am curious because in general, performance of virtualized OS's seems to me to all suffer from the same small-ish amount.
  • In the world of virtualization - virtualizing Ring 3 code (user mode) is much easier than virtualizing Ring 0 code - and unless we spend a lot of time doing specific optimizations (as we have for Windows) Ring 0 code is very slow indeed.

    Now - operating systems like OS/2 and Linux (and Windows) spend a lot of time in Ring 3 so we get good performance there. Netware - on the other hand - runs entirely in Ring 0, which means that we run it very slowly.

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NetWare 6.0 under Virtual PC