Skate or Die under Virtual PC

Skate or Die under Virtual PC

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This is a fun game - that places you as a skate boarding enthusiast with the option to practice and compete in a variety of skate boarding activities.  I used to play this game a lot - though sadly I am now hideously out of practice - and found myself remembering all the old stunts and tricks but having absolutely no chance of pulling them off :-)

Skate or Die under Virtual PC   Skate or Die under Virtual PC   Skate or Die under Virtual PC   Skate or Die under Virtual PC   Skate or Die under Virtual PC

Skate or Die runs well under Virtual PC - if you can tolerate the PC speaker sound effects.


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  • Yeah - i really liked that game (and the sequel, Ski or Die!, as well) and spent many hours
  • Way back in November you were talking about cool things that can be done with video settings. You said:

    > AFAIK - Virtual PC provides all of the
    > options VMware does - and it definitely
    > provides the features you mention here.

    But you haven't come back and answered my questions. I'm still seriously stumped on how to do them, and would love a followup post on the subject.
  • Probably not the right forum for this, but I could not find an email addy for you.

    Several months ago your blog mentioned that the SoundBlaster DSP emulation was not complete in VirtualPC due to the in/out operations on the ports being essentially memory accesses. Reading from the DSP_DATA_AVAIL port until bit-7 is set, and then read the DSP_DATA_PORT. Writing to the DSP involves reading from the DSP_WRITE_PORT until bit-7 is cleared, and then writing the data to the DSP_WRITE_PORT. As far as I can tell, this basic I/O seems to be working.

    What I am seeing is when there is a small pair of 2K buffers while playing a 30K file in AUTO)INIT mode, the first buffer plays but before if completed the second buffer takes over, etc. Thus playing the first few bytes of each 2K buffer.

    Have you checked the DOS DMA emulation to make sure that the DMA interrupt does not occur until the current buffer is actually done playing?
  • Moz -

    Sorry, I missed your response on the earlier post. Virtual PC can match your physical desktop automatically - up to 1600x1200 (I was unaware of the fact that VMware could do a higher resolution than that). And yes you are right that we do not support tabbed windows.

    In regards to getting rid of scroll bars - all you need to do is disable desktop resizing and choose a resolution smaller than your current desktop.

    Mjmeans -

    Yes - I was made aware of this just recently and we are currently looking into what we can do about this.

  • I was inspired to create some documentation for this game after forgetting the exact controls from 20 years ago.   I borrowed some pics from this page, and put them to good use.  (Didn't think anyone would mind, considering the purpose. :)
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