NetWare 5.1 under Virtual PC

NetWare 5.1 under Virtual PC

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And now on to NetWare 5.1.  This is probably my personal favorite version of NetWare.  The installation is fairly straight forward - and similar to the installation of NetWare 6.0 and 6.5.  However one big difference is that NetWare 5.1 comes with drivers for our emulated network card.  The problem is that they are bad drivers - and if you use them the server will crash whenever it uses TCP/IP.

You will need to unload the auto-detected drivers and install the modified drivers.  You can confirm that the modified drivers are loaded by editing the settings and checking that the 'TX_Threshold' setting is present.

Here you can see NetWare 5.1 running under Virtual PC:

NetWare 5.1 under Virtual PC   NetWare 5.1 under Virtual PC   NetWare 5.1 under Virtual PC   NetWare 5.1 under Virtual PC   NetWare 5.1 under Virtual PC

If you want you can download a trial version of NetWare 5.1 here:


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  • You did not specify if performance was horrid or not :)
  • Hi, Ben,
    I was trying to find out more information about AttachScriptToEvent, FetchScriptByEvent and RemoveScriptFromEvent for Virtual Machines in VS COM API,with no avail.

    Does script live in Virtual Machine's process space or the caller's process? When the event happen, is script firing in caller's process or VM process?

    Thank you very much. Your blog rocks. Full of technical insight with good mix of odds and ends, make a good lunch reading for me.
  • Jonathan -

    My bad - performance is horrid :)

    Ying -

    The script lives in the virtual machine's process space. Generally speaking we discourage the use of this feature if possible

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