Windows Vista December CTP under Virtual PC

Windows Vista December CTP under Virtual PC

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Gah... I have just realized that as I was away on holidays during December I missed the December Customer Technology Preview release of Windows Vista.  Thankfully this build is quite easy to install inside of Virtual PC.  Before we get started - you will need two things:

  • The December CTP install media (build 5270)
  • Virtual Machine Additions from Virtual Server 2005 R2

For the latter - if you are using Virtual PC you can download the Virtual Server 2005 R2 trial (from and use the Virtual Machine Additions from there.  This version is supported on both Virtual Server and Virtual PC - and has a number of Vista optimizations.

Once you have this - you should follow these steps:

  1. Create a new virtual machine with a 16GB (or larger) virtual hard disk and at least 512mb RAM
  2. Boot off of the install media (note: most ISOs for the December CTP are under 2.2GB in size - which means that you can boot off the ISO directly under Virtual PC)
  3. On the first page select 'Install now'
  4. On the next page, hit 'Shift-F10' - this will bring up a command prompt window
  5. Type in:
       - DISKPART
       - SELECT DISK 0
       - EXIT
       - EXIT
  6. Now you will need to reset the virtual machine (hit host-key + 'R') and boot off of the install media again
  7. You should now be able to go through with the default installation of Windows Vista
  8. When you are finished you should be able to log in and install the Virtual Machine Additions

It runs quite well under Virtual PC:

Windows Vista December CTP under Virtual PC   Windows Vista December CTP under Virtual PC   Windows Vista December CTP under Virtual PC


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  • Feb CTP installed without issue (other than the fact that it took practically all night)

    I had an install failure early on, but it was because I kept the default RAM size at 256...  After changing to 1Gb, it installed fine.

    This CTP actually runs for me... the previous Dec CTP ran, but at a constant 100% CPU.  

    However, neither CTP had sound...  I tried to copy over the *.sys and *.inf files, but that didn't work (but that trick works for Win2003)

    Anybody working on getting the emulated SB16 working on Vista?
  • Hi guys,

    I have also the 0x1fee7a6d setup.exe - Application Error after the install screen. Just like Zman. I tried it with 512MB and 1024MB. But no luck, the error stays the same. Virtual PC version is 5.3.582.27.

    Why does it works for graye?

  • I was having a problem nearly identical to Pino with the error when the screen for the CD key comes up. I got around the problem by changing the Virtual CD program I was using to mount the ISO file.
  • I got the "0x1fee7a6d setup.exe - Application Error" too, when DVD in 2nd drive on 2nd IDE channel - putting it in 1st drive & it seems OK.
  • After I switched from a physical cdrom to daemon tools 3.47 the problem with the "0x1fee7a6d setup.exe - Application Error" is solved. I can enter the product key. Thanks for the help.
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