Stunts under Virtual PC

Stunts under Virtual PC

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Continuing in the stunt car racing theme for the week - we come to 'Stunts'.  As far as driving games go - Stunts has a standard polygon racing engine with a solid physics model.  It also has the usual mix of cars to choose from and opponents to race against.  Where Stunts really shines is in the tracks.  First - the Stunts tracks come with a number of spectacular stunt driving components; such as raised suspension bridges, covered tunnels with road block (which require you to manage to 'drive on the walls' to survive) and many other cool stunt options.  Second - Stunts comes with a full track editor that allows you to build the most torturous stunt track you can think of:

Stunts under Virtual PC   Stunts under Virtual PC   Stunts under Virtual PC   Stunts under Virtual PC   Stunts under Virtual PC

One of my favorite past times with this game was to construct a track so heinous that any computer opponent I picked would crash attempting to complete it.  I would then very carefully - and very slowly - complete the track and win :-).

Stunts runs perfectly under Virtual PC.


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  • Stunts runs perfectly under Windows XP too.

    Stunts is a GREAT game, it was released in 1990 (16 years ago!), and was the first game (and maybe the last one) with cool map editor (NFS lacks editor even in 2006!).
  • Stunts was my absolute favorite racing game for many years.  My brother and I spent many days,months etc racing and building new tracks.  The coolest part was doing the loops.  I would create continuous loops, to where you would need to be in the right position to get onto the next loop.

    Very fun game.
  • This comment is actually about gaming with a Virtual PC in general...

    I just discovered this site about 15min ago.  That said, I have been thinking for some time now about creating a Virtual PC for the express purpose of playing a couple of older games (specifically, the Star Control series).  My thinking was that my 2005-class gaming rig would make these older games unplayable.  But in a VPC, I could scale back the system resources and play on my old PII and these games would rock!

    If this is the same thing you're doing here (it seems you are only wiriting about specific games, and your experiences playing them now), then could you post up a very brief how-to guide on the steps to make a circa 1996 gaming VPC?

    It's possible you've already done this; I looked, really, but didn't find it...

    Thanks in advance!
  • Hi Doug,

    I have never focused solely on setting up a gaming environment - however for DOS you may want to checkout:

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