The Neverhood under Virtual PC

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This is a truly unique game.  In this game you control 'Clay Man' as he explores his world and finds out what his purpose is.  The game is done in beautiful claymation with a haunting sound track.  It also has a very intuitive user interface - the only thing you can do is click.  While I really enjoyed this game - one (very valid) criticism of the game was that for the most part you spent your time solving puzzles that were completely unrelated to the story line, and which only existed to serve the purpose of slowing the player down.  If you can look past this - and enjoy the puzzles for what they are - then this is a very fun game:

The Neverhood under Virtual PC   The Neverhood under Virtual PC   The Neverhood under Virtual PC   The Neverhood under Virtual PC   The Neverhood under Virtual PC

Despite warning me that my video card may not work properly - The Neverhood ran perfectly under my Windows 98 virtual machine. If you are interested the original Neverhood website is still available here:


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  • Sweet!  One of the coolest games EVER for Widnows. The soundtrack is by Terry Scott Taylor (of Daniel Amos/Swirling Eddies/Lost Dogs fame), and is available as a CD.  I use is for code-review background music all the time :)

    Make sure you check out Terry's other stuff, especially his solo and The Lost Dogs work at
  • Now that you got me all excited, the link is down!
  • lol -- this was the game that prompted me to get Virtual PC in the first place!  It works great for me under Windows 98 SE, but I couldn't get it running under Win95 (release 2.5).  The sound also has a little lag, but that's not a problem.

    It actually runs fine under WinXP too, but you can't restore a saved game, so you have to play it through from start to finish.  (Good thing there's only one way to die - jump in the hole that says 'don't jump in this hole'!)
  • Klay Man! He's so cool! Some of the puzzles were a bit randomly shoved in, yes, but the game so quirky and fun that I never cared :)
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The Neverhood under Virtual PC