Rise of the Triad under Virtual PC

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Rise of the Triad was one of many 3D shooting games to come out soon after DOOM.  It has a number of nice features - including massive maps and a good range of weaponry.  Having said that - this game never really grabbed my attention too much - don't know why.  Rise of the Triad has the usual flimsy storyline background (you are the good guy, they are bad - so please kill them all) and uses photo-images of people for the bad guys (which reminds me of Mortal Kombat in many ways).  One interesting thing to know is that all the characters in the game are actually photo shots of Apogee employees - however this also means that there are a total of 11 people in the game (whom you kill over, and over, and over...)

The only problem with running Rise of the Triad under Virtual PC is that there appears to be a problem using our sound card for sound effects.  If you configure the Adlib or PC Speaker for sound effects instead it will work fine:

Rise of the Triad under Virtual PC   Rise of the Triad under Virtual PC   Rise of the Triad under Virtual PC   Rise of the Triad under Virtual PC

To tell the truth my one lasting memory of Rise of the Triad is from one day when I was death matching against a bunch of my friends in this game.  Most of the other guys were listening to the usual assortment of Metalica / Nine Inch Nails / etc...  Me - I was listening to 'The Greatest Hits of James Taylor' - and for some reason it really bugged them that I was listening to 'Gone to Carolina in my Mind' while shooting at them...

Anyway - if you want to try this out for yourself - you can grab a copy from here: http://www.3drealms.com/rott/index.html


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  • Ah, this was the first game where I completed all levels. This was also the first FPS I played (I got to Wolfenstein after this!).

    One nice feature here is vertical motion, and the jump pads.
  • This was the only shareware FPS game that I actually purchased and I loved it. The powerups, the weapons, and even the enemies were all fairly silly (the boss in the la-z-boy chair).

    No, no. Please.. Please don't shoot.
  • WinROTT (Windows Port of Rise of The Triad)

  • You sure seem to focus on games a lot in these reviews, so I'd like to ask a couple of questions.  I have Windows XP x64 edition and sadly, old 16-bit DOS games won't run in it.  I managed to obtain  Warcraft 1:  Orcs and Humans, but it won't run in Win x64, even with DOSBox.  My only hope it seems is Virtual PC (which won't install either, but no doubt a future version will).  What I would like to know is if Microsoft will offer older versions of Windows or DOS in some fashion for use in Virtual PC for gaming.  All the DOS-based versions of Windows are no longer supported to my knowledge, and I no longer possess licenses and installation media for them, but I would love to have an official DOS compatible environment to use for running DOS games.  Will Microsoft offer a solution to this problem in the not to distant future?

    Also, since we're on the topic of games, how is 3D virtualization coming along?  If some form of 3d-passthrough won't be made available, would a software renderer for systems with multiple pricessors/cores be feasible?
  • I'm not Ben, but I think I can answer some of your questions about DOS and Win64.

    I don't know when Virtual PC will come out with a version that will install and run on Win64 systems, but you have at least a couple options:

    1) Virtual Server R2 Standard edition is now only $99 retail (even less if you're a student) and will install on Win64 systems
    2) VMWare Workstation 5.x will install on Win64 systems

    Also, if you're a developer or otherwise can justify the appropriate MSDN subscription level, Virtual Server R2 Standard is downloadable for subscribers.  Also, DOS 6 and Windows 3.11 are downloadable; I don't think you can get disks from MSDN for these anymore.  (All this is depending on your subscription level).

    Finally, you can always try to run your DOS programs on FreeDOS - some things work great, some others may need to get some bug fixes into the project...
  • Brings back so many memories... I loved this game
  • Warcraft 1 should run fine in DosBox.

    If not then visit the official DosBox forums at http://vogons.zetafleet.com and post your problem.

    On Microsoft support for DOS:

    Don't expect them to support DOS. They've been killing DOS support for far too long and have basically done nothing with NTVDM since NT 3.51 (Except pitiful SB emulation and a CLI/OP fix for Windows XP----VDMSound is still superior tho). They've never bothered to fix the EMS problems, nor the VESA access problems nor the tons of other problems experienced by DOS games in NT that could be easily fixed since they have the source code. (Don't expect VPC to be the solution for DOS gaming either since it's a virtualizer and it had terrible SB support compared to DosBox/VDMSound)

    The only possibility for some kind of 3d "passthru" would be in relation to Windows Vista to get the full desktop experience in a VM. This may also lead to DirectX support under a VM but don't expect this for quite awhile (if ever but considering that Vmware has started initial support and WINE is coming along quite nicely MS needs to do something before it appears that everyone else EXCEPT Microsoft can support the people). (If MS was smart they'd implement guest DirectX to host DirectX in their next version of VPC to provide an incentive to upgrade.....but I find it highly doubtful....mabye after 64bit is standard on the desktop). Of course by then I guess the assumption is that people will be using service like GameTap\Steam (Yuk!) which is a wrong assumption since I for one really am not going to pay for something that I already paid for.......
  • AC -

    Yes - we will provide a desktop solution for x64 - and that is all I am going to say (sorry).  3D is hard - but we do have plans for this as well.

    MikeB -

    Clearly you are not me - I would never have recommended VMware as an option :D

    DosFreak -

    Warcraft 1 actually runs great under Virtual PC (Warcraft II is another story altogether).

  • Such helpful replies!

    Virual PC Guy -

    So glad to hear that Virtual PC will be on x64 eventually.  WArcraft II isn't too much of a concern.  The Battle.net edition runs just fine and dandy in x64 according to http://www.planetamd64.com/lofiversion/index.php/t4103.html

    DosFreak -

    Did you actually try it in Windows x64?  I have tried DOSBox, but I kept getting the same error message that is given when you try to run a 16-bit program.
  • I got it to work in DOSBox!  It turns out there was a problem with DOSBox itself that caused it to produce an error when using Warcraft's setup.exe.  I upgraded to the CVS version of DOSBox as recommended at the forum that DosFreak pointed out and now it works wonderfully.  Thank you all for your assistance.
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Rise of the Triad under Virtual PC