Prince of Persia 2 under Virtual PC

Prince of Persia 2 under Virtual PC

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Prince of Persia 2 - while similar to Prince of Persia the original - has some significant differences.  In the original Prince of Persia you had been thrown in prison - and as a result spent much of your time skulking around.  In Prince of Persia 2 you have come into the royal court - only to find a usurper pretending to be you.  This means that much more of Prince of Persia 2 is spent fighting people - and there is much more variety in backdrops (in the original Prince of Persia 99% of the game was spent in very dreary and familiar looking dungeons).  Just like the original game – you have unlimited lives – but a limited amount of time.

Prince of Persia 2 runs well under Virtual PC:

Prince of Persia 2 under Virtual PC   Prince of Persia 2 under Virtual PC   Prince of Persia 2 under Virtual PC   Prince of Persia 2 under Virtual PC

However there is a bug with digital sound that causes the entire game to freeze.  To avoid this you should configure the game to use Adlib or PC Speaker for the sound effects.  You can download a playable demo of Prince of Persia 2 from here:

Note - this demo does not have a configuration option to disable digital effects, so you will need to delete or rename 'digi.drv' in order to play it.


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  • Sorry for being completely off-topic, but I hope you read this and can help me.

    I'm trying to use the COM Interface from Virtual Server from Managed Code on WinXP x64.
    However all code (The one in the Virtual Server SDK, as well as your code samples) fails with a System.UnauthorizedAccessException.
  • Could be I'm a bit thick today, but why are you blogging about a game that displays how VPC *fails*, without even having a comment from the dev team about this?

    I do like this, MS people pointing out obvious bugs in "Microsoft products", but perhaps you could have provided a link to a developer's blog (is there even one?) that explains the why's and how's of this complete failure?
  • Foxfire -

    Have a look under the development section of my blog - and you should find what you need (you need to CoInitializeSecurity in your application)

    Mike -

    Gaming is not a high priority for our team (just for me) so I tend to be the source.  If you want more details - checkout: - the problem with sound in this game is similar to the one in Privateer.

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