Xenon under Virtual PC

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This original game was one of the first releases from the famous 'Bitmap Brothers' development house.  Xenon has no real story or plot - except for the fact that you need to blow up the people who are trying to blow you up.

Xenon is a nice vertical scrolling game - where one of the interesting twists is that you are piloting a vehicle that can transform between a low flying plane or a ground based tank at any stage.  And the maps are built well to take advantage of this as there are areas and enemies that you can only handle when in one mode or the other:

Xenon under Virtual PC   Xenon under Virtual PC   Xenon under Virtual PC

Xenon runs perfectly under Virtual PC.


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  • I loved the Bitmap Brothers games.  Although I never played Xenon, I spent way too many hours playing Xenon2 and Gods.  Ahhh the memories.
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Xenon under Virtual PC