Using Remote Desktop with Virtual Server

Using Remote Desktop with Virtual Server

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Recently I have started using Remote Desktop with my Windows virtual machines under Virtual Server quite heavily.  There are a number of advantages to doing this (over using VMRC directly):

  1. You can copy and paste data into the virtual machine
  2. You can share data between your host and virtual machine directly
  3. You can share access to your host's printer
  4. You can get sound working under your virtual machine

The last three options are provided by Remote Desktop if you go to the 'Local Resources' tab of the 'Options' section before making a connection to the virtual machine.  Of course - this is only possible if you are running Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional or later versions of Windows.


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  • Can you clarify the guest OS?

    I'm sitting here with a one seat XP license, so I'm loath to get install happy with Virtual Server.  Are you doing this all on one machine (RDP to the guest OS on the same physical machine?)
  • If only it would smooth the edges of the screen fonts then it would be an ideal stop gap until Virtual PC with x64 host support comes along.
  • Why doesn't VMRC use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?
  • JV,

    Because when Virtual Server was developed by Connectix, Microsoft would not license the server side of RDP.  Connectix used the open VNC protocol and added security to it.
  • I've been doing this too. one thing I'd love to do is be able to use a different port -- that way different virtual servers would be visible through a NAT table.
  • I've used RDP to talk to my guest OS's, but installing VS2005 seems to break RDP for the host OS.  Anyone know if this is on purpose or what?  RDP worked on host OS's (both XP and 2003) prior to installing VS2005.  I'd really like the same admin capabilities for my host servers as I have for other servers in the enterprise.
  • Lauren -

    XP, 2000 Server and 2003 Server all work.

    Mike -

    I have never had a problem RDP'ing into the host OS after installing Virtual Server - so I do not know what is happening there.

  • Mike,

    I never had problems RDP'ing to the host - but sometimes many of the Virtual server functionality (e.g. the admin page) wont be available to the RDP login on the host. If you get that, instead of starting RDP via the Start Programs - start it by running:

    mstsc /v:ServerIP /console
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