Microsoft® Virtual Server 2005 R2 Management Pack Released

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An updated MOM management pack has been released for Virtual Server 2005 R2.  Some key improvments that it has over the previous management pack are:

  • Integration with the Virtual Server Administration Website via a MOM Console task
  • Provides a graphical mapping of virtual machines to their virtual machine hosts
  • Virtual Server notification group for all alerts
  • Monitors virtual machines’ health state based on the power-state of the virtual machine
  • Has a report to identify good candidates for conversion to virtual machines based on specified memory and CPU requirements

You can download this from:


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  • Hey Ben,
    Found your blog when googling on Virtual Server and Vista and I was hoping you could help me with performance of windows vista running in Virtual Server R2. I recently purchased a new Dual-Core Dell Inspriron with 2GB of memory and a decent video card. When I run Vista in VS R2 it is a bit sluggish.

    I installed the add-in but the management console continues to ask me to install it. Any ideas on how to make it run better ( i allocated 1 GB of memory...would more help?)?

    Thanks for any help,
    -Mathew Nolton
  • Checkout:

  • Thanks Ben.
  • How are you exposing the data from Virtual Server for MOM to pick it up? Is it through WMI or COM...?
  • Jacob -

    This is using our documented COM APIs.

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Microsoft® Virtual Server 2005 R2 Management Pack Released