Windows virtualization in Bill Gates' WinHEC keynote!

Windows virtualization in Bill Gates' WinHEC keynote!

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Woo hoo!  Well - the demo went off perfectly (I was backstage keeping an eye on the hardware).  Kudos Jeff for the fantastic job!

For those who did not see it - today we demonstrated Windows virtualization running:
            - 32-bit and 64-bit virtual machines
            - Windows Server 2003, RedHat Linux, Longhorn server
            - 1, 2 and 4 processor virtual machines
            - Hot adding network cards and memory to virtual machines

We also announced that we will be supporting hot add of storage and 8 processor virtual machines (I have actually seen both of these working internally - but were not in today's demo).  If you want to see it for yourself - checkout the keynote here:


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  • > - Hot adding network cards and memory to
    > virtual machines

    What OSes were the guests running?

    On real machines sometimes I've hibernated Windows, added memory, and then watched Windows abort while trying to come out of hibernation.  It has always been necessary to resort to a cold boot.

    (Of course network PCMCIA or USB adapters can be hotplugged in most Windows OSes of the past 10 years.)
  • Norman,

    The only Microsoft OS that supports "Hot Memory" (Adding memory without having to turn off the system) is Windows 2003.

    I'm not even sure that Windows Vista will have this feature...
  • The hot memory add was demonstrated on a Longhorn Server virtual machine.  I do not know which other versions of Windows support this (not many - that is for sure).

  • Is there any more info on the hypervisor that you can share? Like, is is a stripped down Windows OS? I can't imagine its not Windows if you want to use Windows drivers. Also, it is not in the Longhorn beta2, is it?
  • This all very good but what's happening with Virtual PC?  I would like a native x64 version so I can dump vmware player.
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