Battle Chess under Virtual PC

Battle Chess under Virtual PC

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Released in 1988, Battle Chess is probably one of the most notorious computer chess games ever.  This game managed to take the purely intellectual game of chess and make it immensely more amusing and appealing to the general populace. 

How did it do this?  Simple - in Battle Chess each of the board pieces are animated characters.  As you move your pieces you get to see them walk, run or lumber into place. 

But the best part is when you take your opponents piece you get to watch the pieces duel - with the aggressor always winning.  Some of the battles are fairly straight forward (when a Knight takes a pawn - it is a simple sword fight) while other battles range from surprising (like when your King produces a golden pistol to shoot his opponent, or your rook swallows the opponents’ queen whole) to hilarious (like the reenactment of the 'black knight' scene from Monty Python's quest from the holy grail - when a knight battles another night).

Battle Chess runs perfectly under Virtual PC:

Battle Chess under Virtual PC   Battle Chess under Virtual PC   Battle Chess under Virtual PC   Battle Chess under Virtual PC


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  • Hi Ben,

    Are there any VPC 2004 virtual machine additions available which are optimized for Longhorn/Vista Beta 2(Build 5384) ?


  • I think there are for Virtual Server... I recall him saying they would work under Virtual PC as well?  I'm not sure.
  • Not yet - but we are working on them.

  • Awesome, that's good to know. I was going to try BC out under DOSBox (it's abandonware I believe but I also have it on the original CD). Maybe I'll use Virtual PC for all my vintage PC game sessions from now on. Monolith's Blood runs a tad slow in DOSBox, maybe it'll fare better in Virtual PC.
  • I been beating on Blood in DOSBox/VDMSound for a few days now, and started Virtual PC + Blood yesterday... It is definately the better of the 3 options... I got it ionstalled from the original CD, and patched it just fine... It runs with the DOS SB16 Basic drivers from SB-Creative... It has one majoe flaw still... Anytime the (anti)hero goes to speak, the ambiant noise bleeds thru... trashing his bits of dialogue. It also can run a liitle fast and then a little jerky, but all in all it's fine.
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