Playing around with LeoStream P2V

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A while ago I talked about how to manually migrate a physical computer to a virtual machine.  Now - there are a number of automated tools to perform physical to virtual migrations (called 'P2V') - however most of them only support server operating systems.  Recently I had a chance to try out LeoStream's P2V tool - which supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP professional (as well as all of the server flavors) - and let me say that I was very impressed.

My eventual aim was to get an old K6-500 running Windows XP on a 30GB disk into a Virtual PC virtual machine - with the least effort possible.  As such - not only did I use this P2V tool - but I tried to read as small an amount of the documentation as possible. 

First - I needed to have Virtual Server installed on my target system (no problem).  Then I needed to install their 'host agent' on my target system.  This was very straight forward - and left me with a LeoStream service running on my box.  Finally I had to install the P2V Wizard on the computer I wanted to migrate.  This was very simple - and after asking me a few questions (what network configuration I wanted, etc) it was off an running.

Two hours later (and with no intervention from me) the system was merrily running in a virtual machine - which I could run directly under Virtual PC with no changes.  In fact - the only nit-pick I could find with the process was that it did not automatically install the Virtual Machine Additions for me.

Now - at $200 per successful migration - the price is a bit steep.  But given that you have guaranteed success with no frustration or wasted time - it is pretty tempting.  For more details - checkout:


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  • MMn,

    The product may be nice but it seems they have some problems with their pricing.

    You claim $200 per conversion. They claim $100 per conversion. But when you enter their store the price shown is $120 :(
  • Yes, this is an awesome utility and I belive the "best of breed".  We have tried just about every option out there with regards to converting P2V, and LeoStream has it down pat.  The steps you have to go through to use the Microsoft conversion scenario are nightmarish at best, and we have yet to have a successful P2V conversion using the MS utilities.

    Ben - are you guys listening?  LeoStream has proven that this can be a simple and painless process for the end user.  The MS tools need a LOT of work.

  • Microsoft VSMT can do this.  I have moved desktop class Windows 2000 and XP machines into Virtual many times.  VSMT comes with it's own headaches and workarounds, but it does work.
  • Rob - You just reiterated my point for me.  With LeoStream, there are no "headaches and workarounds".

    We've tried all the so-called workarounds, and have yet to have a successful conversion with VSMT.  And frankly, we don't have the time to spend trying to figure it out.

    Our frustration lies in the fact that we KNOW that MS can do this.  Its just not a priority with them.  With their push to have their VM technology be the market leader, you would think they would pull out all the stops to make it easy for their users to do migrations.
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Playing around with LeoStream P2V