Big Red Racing under Virtual PC

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Big Red Racing is a traditional early 3D racing game.  It pits you against a number of different courses - where the vehicle you drive varies per course (it is not even always a car - sometimes you will be driving trucks, sometimes boats, it all depends on the track).  This game tries to tap into the 'extreme' element with funky text, odd characters and encouraging wild driving.  Ultimately - the game engine lets it down though.  All too often in this game you will find the game camera wiggling and bopping around wildly - and even worse there are times where your car will go over a rise in the course and the game camera won't adjust for a good 2 to 3 seconds, forcing you to 'drive blind':

Big Red Racing under Virtual PC   Big Red Racing under Virtual PC   Big Red Racing under Virtual PC

Big red racing runs well under Virtual PC - and despite the short comings I have mentioned here - it is not the worst racing game out there.  If you want to try it for yourself - there is a playable demo (with two tracks) available here:


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  • As much as this game is really bad. Its also one of those classics that you have to love, I will always remember this old one.
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Big Red Racing under Virtual PC