Catacomb Abyss under Virtual PC

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After HoverTank 3D - the next 3D game to be released by the company that would eventually be known as 'ID Software' was Catacomb Abyss.  This was yet another EGA game - but this game was the first to use textured surfaces.  Interestingly enough - if you stand in one spot and turn - you can tell that they do not have the math for the textures quite right, as the walls seem to bend a little as you turn.

This game places you as a magic user exploring a sinister set of catacombs - and is actually quite tense - as monsters have a tendency to appear out of nowhere (zombies coming up out of the ground, etc) so even though an area may look clear - you can be attacked from behind randomly.

THE CATACOMB ABYSS in 3-D!  A captivating
tale of wizards & fantasy trips into other
dimensions. You've been called upon to
perform feats of magic & courage against your
arch-rival, Nemesis. You'll discover a myriad
of bizzare creatures and places as you embark
on an unforgettable adventure into the wild
world of the Abyss. Definitely among the best
3-D graphics available anywhere!
Sys.Req.: 286 or better, 640K, EGA or better.

Catacomb Abyss under Virtual PC   Catacomb Abyss under Virtual PC   Catacomb Abyss under Virtual PC   Catacomb Abyss under Virtual PC

Catacomb Abyss runs well enough under Virtual PC - though it is a little jerky here and there.  ID's sight on Catacomb Abyss is here:


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  • VPC seems a little over kill for this sort of thing. Wouldn't DosBox be a better tool for the job?
  • Ben works for Microsoft on Virtual PC. He likes his product and he likes testing old DOS games in it.

    Although I personally cannot see why a person would choose VPC over DosBox (except in extremly limited situations) some strange people do, Ben is one of those people. ;)

    I find it encouraging that at least someone at Microsoft if bothering to test old DOS games out. Of course Ben has been doing this since the Connectix days and VPC has never offered improved DOS support or even any kind of official support for gaming in VPC but hey we can hope right?
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Catacomb Abyss under Virtual PC