Laptop Hotfix for Virtual PC

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The Virtual PC 2004 SP1 download now available at includes a hotfix .MSP file.  This hotfix addresses a number of issues that exist with running Virtual PC on laptop systems (around stand-by, power management, etc...).  If you are running Virtual PC on a laptop - you should install it normally - and then run this .MSP - and then you should be good to go.


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  • What MSP? the download only mentions running the exe file.

    Two other questions:
    With the original VPC sp1 coming out in 2004 shouldn't they have chnaged the name of the update so you know which SP1 it is?  

    Does this update include all the fixes that were made to produce the latest version of Virtual Server (i.e. changes to the VM additions and changes to the core of what runs the VM?  Or do we need to wait till VPC 2007?

  • Thursday, July 13, 2006 2:22 PM by Eli Allen
    > What MSP?

    I think the answer is this:
    * If you are running Virtual PC on a notebook,
    * the hotfix contained in the Laptop Hotfix
    * folder should be applied after installation.

    Actually I'm wondering if it's needed on a desktop too, and needed even when hibernation hasn't been done.  Just reviving a saved machine can hang for a while even in such a simpler host environment.
  • You still have to apply 899525 as well because it is chipset specific?
  • I ran this hotfix in the past (got it from Microsoft Support) and the fix was almost as bad as the problem.  To "fix" it, they have a seperate background thread running that won't let your PC go idle. Probelm is that once installed the Host system was totally unusable (becuase VPC took up all the processing time).

    I have since installed SpeedSwitchXP and don't have any issues with power managment.

  • Eli -

    The MSP file is included in the .ZIP file along with the install setup.exe.  Note this is not an update to VPC SP1 - just VPC SP1 for free.

    Norman -

    Yes - it can be useful to instal on desktop computers as well.

    Chris -

    Yes - if you have that chipset.

    Roy -

    You are talking about a different hotfix.

  • KB899474 made VPC work with European keyboards (so difficult to type that vertical bar before). Surprised not to see that in the ZIP, or perhaps a SP2. However, gift horses and all that.
  • Ben,

    I have several Centrino laptops here and everyone uses Virtual PC and Virtual server. Mainy Virtul PC since server does not have shared folder support..;)

    The hotfix for the Centrino chipset problems (KB899525) upgrades the virtualpc.exe to a higher version then the hotfix provided by KB889677.

    So what good would it do me to run the KB889677 hotfix when I have applied KB899525 already?

    The vmm.sys version is equal for both.
  • <quote=Virtual PC Guy>
    The MSP file is included in the .ZIP file along with the install setup.exe.  Note this is not an update to VPC SP1 - just VPC SP1 for free.

    So, I already have the "previous" version of VPC 2004 SP1.

    Should I uninstall and install the free version?

    Will this get better support in the future? I know I've seen issues with suspend/resume on the version I'm currently running.

    Are there functionality/performance differences between the free version and the one I have installed?
  • Is this Laptop QFE also recommended, when you run Virtual PC on Vista?

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Laptop Hotfix for Virtual PC