DOOM II under Virtual PC

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DOOM II was released soon after the release of Heretic - and frankly I love this game.  DOOM II places you as the DOOM marine, having returned from your victory in the original DOOM only to find Earth overrun by demons.  DOOM II used the same engine as the original DOOM and had a relatively small number of changes:

  1. Completely new maps (obviously)
  2. Instead of having sections that you progress through there is just one long set of levels to fight through
  3. There are a whole bunch of new bad guys (lots of fun here)
  4. You have one new weapon, the double barreled shotgun

Now on the surface this does not seem like much - but DOOM was such a great game that the small amount of changes in DOOM II doesn't really matter - it is still a great game.  And I personally *love* the double barreled shotgun.  Sure it is just a standard shotgun with half the refire rate and double the damage - but it is so much fun to use.

DOOM II under Virtual PC   DOOM II under Virtual PC   DOOM II under Virtual PC

DOOM II runs great under Virtual PC.  You can find out more about DOOM II here: and here:


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  • yes, the double barrel shotgun was awesome.  I don't think Id managed to create a weapon in any of their later releases with as much satisfaction.
  • I agree, the DOOM II double barreled shotgun is still the best!
    And the soundtrack of Doom is also worth mentioning.
    I even remember playing doom even on such a slow machine that we had to resize the screen to matchbox-size to be playable. And later on we played Doom II a lot over a LAN, deathmatch with only the double barreled shotgun.
  • On screen resizing:

    There was a game called Rise of the Triad (ROTT) where when you resized the screen to the smallest possible view it would say "Get a 486!" or something like that.. I wonder how well that game runs under VPC :)
  • Went through all your game reviews on virtual PC like Laser squad, rise of the triads, heretic, doom , ect ,  and I'm starting to have a bit of nostalgia. lol. I'm only 20 years old and damn ... I feel old after going through all your old "DOS" games. Anyways, keep them games coming.
  • There's a Windows port of Rise of the Triad called WinROTT.

  • You can also use an open source version to play multiplayer DOOM or DOOM2
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DOOM II under Virtual PC