Virtual Machines Rock...

Virtual Machines Rock...

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In case that wasn't obvious!  So why is Ben saying this today?  Well I have been setting up a personal domain environment for playing around in - and to be honest it is getting quite complex.  By now I have a domain controller, a file server, an iSCSI server, a SQL server (with SQL reporting), a MOM 2005 server and two desktop virtual machines.

Now if that wasn't good enough - all of these virtual machines are stored on my USB 2.0 disk and I have been able to move the entire environment between work and home. Even better than that - I have put the virtual network file (.VNC) on the USB disk as well and configured my home and work computers with loopback adapters configured the same way - so there is no reconfiguration.  I just shutdown the virtual machines, take my USB disk home, and start the virtual machines up again where I was.



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  • yipeee....
    thanks for the answer.... :)
  • Monday, August 21, 2006 6:09 AM by Tracy.P
    > This type of setup allows the VPC's to use
    > the host loopback adapter as a hub [...]
    > Unless you put additional nics into the
    > VPC's, or setup Internet Connection sharing,
    > you will not have internet access in the
    > VPC's.

    I'm still confused by this.  Using this method and without Internet Connection Series, under Windows XP in the past I did have internet access in the VPCs, but last year it stopped working.  I wondered why but there was no answer.  Meanwhile under Windows 2003 I still do have internet access in the VPCs.
  • I'm just wondering, what's the point of running a virtual iSCSI server? Apart from the novelty? :V
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