Grim Fandango under Virtual PC

Grim Fandango under Virtual PC

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I love this game.  Grim Fandango is the first 3D adventure game done by LucasArts and it is just beautiful.  The graphics are spectacular, the music is wonderful and the story is intriguing.  You take the role of Manny Calavera, a walking skeleton in the land of the dead.  You have a debt to pay off, and are doing so by working as a salesman selling 'transportation packages' for people who need to cross the land of the dead.  But for some reason you never get any good clients...

Grim Fandango under Virtual PC   Grim Fandango under Virtual PC   Grim Fandango under Virtual PC   Grim Fandango under Virtual PC

Grim Fandango runs perfectly under Virtual PC (I used a Windows 98 virtual machine).  If you see this game around on the budget shelf - I highly recommend that you grab it.  You can download a demo from here: and read more about it from here:


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  • Man, whatever happened to those Lucasarts adventure games? They were some of my favourites! Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle. Even those older ones were brilliant, like Manic Mansion.

    Apparently nobody buys them anymore...
  • Hey Ben. Sorry for hijacking this post.

    According to this site:, Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 is supposed to be available for free download, but the download link doesn't work. "The download you requested is unavailable"
  • Mattias -

    This should be working now.

  • > 3D adventure game done by LucasArts

    How does it work?  I tried to run Escape from Monkey Island but it complained about the absence of 3D in the emulated graphics adapter.

    By the way I do have time but I still can't find my way to the other side ... oops, that's not Grim Fandango, sorry.  And I'm running it on a real machine instead of virtual, for the reason just mentioned.
  • Norman -

    Grim Fandango supported running in software or hardware 3D mode - and the software mode works fine under Virtual PC.  Escape from Monkey Island only works with hardware acceleration.

  • Full Throttle was another great LucasArts game.  Glad to see someone else mention Day of the Tentacle - v. funny.
  • Hello there! For years I have been wanting to play Grim Fandango again, and I finally got the game again! I installed a Windows XP virtual machine on Virtual PC (the latest), and I've managed to get the game working, but it stutters horribly.. I'm supposed to put hyperthreading off, but the VM doesn't have hyperthreading of course.. What should I do? Also, how do I install Windows 98? (If this doesn't work on XP)

  • ESC dont work :/ cant save game or get into the menu...

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