Double clicking on a VHD to mount it

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Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Beta 2 includes 'vhdmount' - a tool to allow you to mount a virtual hard disk directly on your host operating system.  While vhdmount is provided as a command line tool - a very small amount of work will allow you to mount VHDs by just double clicking on them.  By creating a .reg file with the following contents:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Virtual Server\\Vhdmount\\vhdmount.exe\" /u \"%1\""


@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Virtual Server\\Vhdmount\\vhdmount.exe\" /p \"%1\""


And then double clicking on the .reg file (to load it into your registry) you will be able to double click a VHD to mount it, and right click on it to dismount it.



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  • Awesome tip, thanks a lot
  • Very Nice.
  • I want to customize the Microsoft virtual server, what i want is the admin gui page it shows I want to customize that like I want to create 4 VirtualMachine at a time by running a VB script ,can u provide that script to me which take input  for creating many VMs at atime.

    please provide me the script. thanks
  • Hi,
    how is it possible to use vhdmount with WinXP SP2?
  • Very nice, this. Look forward to drv being signed
  • what area of a windows 7 reg is this file to go into? That is, will it work within windows 7?

  • Just for the record, windows 7 can natevily add (and create) VHD disks. You can do this going to Start -> right click on Computer -> Manage. When the Computer management window opens select Disk management and wait a second. Afterwords go to Action -> Attach VHD.

    Thats it.

  • You had better change

    "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Virtual Server\\Vhdmount\\vhdmount.exe\" /p \"%1\"


    "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Virtual Server\\Vhdmount\\vhdmount.exe\" /p /f \"%1\"

    or sometimes you can't dismount the VHD while you just take a look at that VHD and didn't write anything to it.

  • For dismount, you need to specify is this is with discard or commit.  I suspect you'd want commit.  In that case the switches should be "/u /c".  For discard, they would be "/u /d".

  • Important note :

    When nothing happens upon mounting/unmounting the VHD, goto C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual Server\Vhdmount, and change the vhdmount.exe properties to run as administrator (right click vhdmount.exe , choose compatibility tab and select Run as administrator).

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Double clicking on a VHD to mount it